Spycam with Monitor

Applied with advanced technology the wireless camera can transmit video signal directly to the handheld monitor without going through receiver and TV/Monitor.
The receiver and monitor are integrated into one unit to become this handheld monitor as shown in picture on right side . The slim and compact design made it easily to carry around in your pocket. A professional equipment perfect for body worn covert applications.
You can view real time colour video sent from the wireless pinhole camera 100-150 feet (30m-50m) away from the monitor. Video signal will penetrate through walls/floors ( range will be reduced depends on materials and thickness of wall/floor)
This system can also be used as surveillance camera for normal business/home surveillance.

Spycam With Monitor Adalah Seperangkat Wireless spy Camera yang dilengkapi dengan sebuah lcd monitor dengan internal "Receiver". Dapat melihat dengan 4 camera berbeda secara bergantian. Dengan kelengkapan ini maka anda bebas menaruh camera dan melihatnya langsung dengan lcd monitor. Bahkan dengan membawa monitor ini anda dapat menangkap setiap signal video dengan frequency: 900MHz - 2150MHz , dengan kata lain dapat menonton setiap camera yang beroperasi dengan signal tersebut. Lcd monitor memiliki Video output sehingga dapat direkam dengan alat recorder. Kelengkapan : 1 buah Lcd monitor , 4 buah wireless camera , adaptor , AV cable.



Monitor With Receiver Built in

1. Receive frequency: 900MHz-2150MHz
2. Frequency system :PAL/NTSC automatically change
3. LCD definition:480(RGB)240
4. Power supply: 4 AA alkaline batteries or refresh battery, DC6v power supply
5. Work temperature:0-40degree
6. Size: 148x96x26.5mm
7. Weight: 330 g (including the battery)

4 buah Wireless camera

Scanning : 2:1 interlace
Electronic shutter : 1/160 to 1/6000
Video output : 1 Vp-p/75 ohm
Number of pixels : 628(h) x 582(v)
PAL-NTSC : 510(H)x92(V)-NTSC-
S/N ratio : > 46 dB
CRT resolution : 420 TVL
Dimension : 180x11x5mm
Receiver power : 9V (200-500mA)
Camera power : 9V (200-500mA)



Monitor with 4 camera Rp.3.500.000,-

Monitor only Rp.2.500.000,-

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