Telephone Recorder Computer

Telephone Recorder Computer Adalah Alat untuk merekam pembicaraan telephone kabel ke komputer. Menggunakan komputer sebagai media perekam & media penyimpan data suara. Memiliki Voice Activated jadi hanya merekam jika ada nada suara saja. Alat ini sebagai penghubung antara telephone dengan komputer. Berguna untuk merekam aktifitas telephone kantor, aktifitas telephone rumah,dll.

Technical Parameters:
Impedance: high impedance >100K ohm
Signal-to-Noise: 50dB
Frequency response: 300Hz to 3400Hz

Hardware Composition:
Operate system: WIN98/ME/2000/XP/2003
CPU:No less than C800
Hard disk:No less than 20G
Memory:No less than 128M
Monitor:VGA 800X600

Telephone Recorder Computer FUNCTION :

-Digital record: fully digital mode for record and playback, hi-fi reappearance of the original sound, hard disk of 1G able to record 175 hours.
-Visual interface: 800*600 figure resolution display provided. Detailed display of working mode, operation indication and query result record.
-Record mode: record start mode of Voice, Auto , Manual control supported, call receiving of DTMF and FSK modes supported automatically.
-Can manage client and recording , show the telephone number and client data on internet or local computer.
-Quick search: quick search and print of complicated call record; search and print functions of channel number, call date, phone number, company name.
-Cycling record: cycling record according to designated record space and automatic deletion of the earliest record in batches.
-Parallel operation: record, call record, search and playback in the same time.
-Safe and reliable: classified password right management and high confidence of call record.





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