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SPY DOOR VIEWER Adalah Alat pengintai untuk melihat ke "DALAM" rumah melalui door viewer. Door viewer sendiri itu yaitu alat yg berada di pintu untuk melihat orang yang berada didepan/Diluar pintu. Dengan mata telanjang maka kita tidak akan dapat melihat ke DALAM rumah melalui door viewer. Tapi dengan Spy door viewer kini kita dapat melihat ke dalam rumah. Alat ini sangat berguna untuk mengintai ke dalam ruangan sebelum menyerang target.

Spy door viwer was developed with the help of the law enforcement industry to help them assess potential hazards behind dwelling doors.

The officer places it over the peephole in the door and can look into the dwelling without alerting anyone inside. They can assess any potential threats or activity before proceeding with their mission.

Spy Door Viewer fits most common peepholes used in the United States and Canada for apartments, condominiums and houses. Spy DoorViewer can be used in other countries where the peepholes are similar to those used here.

Spy Door Viewer is made of high quality lightweight materials The housing is a strong, lightweight composite with an all-weather coating. The lenses are high-quality precision ground glass custom designed for spy door viewer. It is designed to be carried by all types of officers. It is lightweight and easy to use. An officer can carry it on a web belt, vest or in a pocket.




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